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Lush Cosmetics Warehouse

Design, Fi-Out Works, MEP Works & Installation

Eire Gulf converted an existing shell and core warehouse into a bespoke facility tailored to the precise specifications of the brand Lush Cosmetics. The scope of work covered all aspects of the design and construction of the space that now serves as both a manufacturing facility and a hub for branding operations. The ground floor of the warehouse serves as full fledge manufacturing facility for all the products for the UAE market. Eire Gulf also created a mezzanine floor that serves as state-of-the-art office areas for Lush’s administrative needs and a dedicated branding room for the marketing team. A notable highlight of our work was the installation of a heavy-duty goods lift for ease and efficiency of moving up to 500 kilograms of products between the ground floor and the mezzanine.

Project NameWarehouse Interior Desing & Fit-Out
LocationJEbel Ali, Dubai
Project Duration12 Weeks
Project Cost1 Million