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In-House Expertise

Our in-house expertise covers all aspects of interior industry. We provide a complete solution from concept to handover as well as of their project.

Eire Gulf is an integrated, interior design and fit-out company dedicated to creating spaces that elevate the human experiences and inspire human creativity and interactions. We are inspired to design spaces to provide solutions to workplace, home and leisure space challenges and create stronger, more vibrant working environment and communities.


Excellent planning is the foundation of a successful space design and build project. The core team that involves architects, engineers, interior designers, production engineers and finance works collaboratively and strategically to devise a fool-proof project execution strategy, timeline of activities, engineering drawings including MEP and budget.

Authority Approvals

Securing permits can be a daunting task for clients. Most of the time, they go to authorities with incomplete documentation, and this can cause a chain of delay in the whole project timeline and the cost associated with it is a heavy burden, especially for those clients in the SME segment. Eire Gulf’s legal team, in coordination with the client, takes care of the approval process and secures the permits from relevant authorities and other government agencies required to start the project.


Eire Gulf financial planning expertise provides our clients with a high level of assurance and confidence in project cost certainty as well as cash flow management from their side. When we provide our clients with the budget, we don’t come back to them with variables. We execute every project within the agreed budget and timeline. Our finance planning involves weighing cost against function, aesthetics, completed value, quality and time. This allows us to deliver an efficient, viable, and sustainable project, and great value for our clients.


We design spaces that unite and connect people and foster interactions. Our collaborative approach helps us understand our clients’ needs and end-product expectations from a deeper perspective. We help them visualize the new workspace with the artist’s impression using the latest technology, samples, and mood boards. We emphasize presentations and approvals throughout the process to ensure each design satisfies and reflects their vision.


In order to ensure a smooth fit-out process, we take care of purchasing and delivering all necessary materials for the project, making sure they arrive on time and in the right quantity. We have a network of trusted vendors and suppliers to source high-quality materials at competitive prices. By handling these details, we ensure that the job site is set up for success and that the construction process can proceed efficiently and effectively.


We have our own stat-of-the-art joinery and a production facility. We have invested in latest technology-driven machinery and computer-aided production techniques that enable multi-ran production of bespoke products with high-quality finishes. Our designs are produced and quality-controlled by our own highly experienced skilled craftsmen. Our production facility gives Eire Gulf the leverage to deliver the project on time and within budget.


Our projects are completed to the highest standards of finishing and with the best quality of service to our clients. We follow a stringent quality control process tailored for every project. We conduct a progressive inspection process that covers every part of the construction to ensure no snags are left unattended. The relationships we have built with our happy clients are testaments to the quality of products and services we have rendered throughout the whole journey in each project.


We manage a controlled and quality-driven handover process that will allow our client a stress-free move-in process, ensuring that all local authority inspections are completed, and warranty documents are in place. Every client receives a handover manual which includes reference documents that provide information useful after the project completion.