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Hospitality Sector

Hospitality’s design requirements have changed over the years. Smart designs are not only focused on aesthetics but also function, engineering, and enhanced guest experience. Spaces that achieve the objective of the business as well as the brand. With user experience at the centre of our design, Eire Gulf’s hospitality experience ranges from designing spaces for fine dining restaurants to cafes and fast food.

We partner with established brands as well as start-ups to design and build venues that provide elevated experiences to customers and places that allure them to stay longer and return time and time again. While we recognise the budget challenges restaurant owners have, Eire Gulf seek creative ways to meet their specific needs without compromising on the quality of materials, timeline and overall output. Our design team brings global expertise in planning, architecture, interior design, engineering and branding to these hospitality projects to deliver noteworthy designs that drive memorable guest experiences, brand loyalty, and long-lasting value.

Projects in this Sector