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We seek out a detailed understanding of context, place and people to make the experience of creating exciting places as thoughtful, energizing, and engaging as the space itself.

Our approach goes beyond aesthetics, embracing convenience and sustainability to create spaces that enhance the quality of life and reflect the lives of the people in it. It is a sincere attempt to capture a personalized, authentic and livable story of where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.


Clients approach us for complete turn-key solutions, either for interior design and fit-out or fit-out only. In the first scenario, we conduct an audit of the available space and existing MEP framework against their needs before we proceed to develop the design, budget and programme. In the second scenario, the Client usually has an interior design ready. We audit their design thoroughly, looking into any aspects that may have cost or time impacts and openly discuss any findings and agree solutions to safeguard both budget and programme.


We believe in building trust with our Clients and a huge part of this is our transparency when we consult with them and provide unbiased advice on design, cost and budget. Our Team, with their years of knowledge and skills, work with the Client to develop practical recommendations designed to help them achieve their envisioned space. The relationships built with our Clients, and their referrals, are testament to our commitment in adding value to their business.


At Eire Gulf we maintain an uncompromising commitment to maintaining budget. When we prepare a budget for a Client we expect to provide them with cost certainty and everything is reviewed during the preparation with a view to eliminating any surprises during construction. Our Clients appreciate this approach in ensuring their projects are delivered within budget and on-time.


Designing a space is deeply personal for the people involved. With a collaborative approach, we listen to the Client and ensure a design unique to their styles, characters and needs is developed to provide their envisioned space. We aim to find function in every square inch and create functionality and beauty in what surrounds our Clients. Interior design goes far beyond finding beautiful furniture, it’s crafting an experience that shapes the way we feel every day.


A unique and beautiful build depends on more than just a mastery of materials and methods. Execution takes knowledge and attention to detail. Eire Gulf’s planned and organised turnkey approach ensures we maintain control of, and responsibility for, the high level of quality we stand by. By building spaces that start with a shared vision, we turn imagination into reality.


Eire Gulf ensure that the projects we deliver stand the test of time with quality builds and our long-lasting Client relationships are based on this. As our Clients’ needs and visions change we embrace the challenge to assist them in creating their next new space or to revitalise their existing.