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Health, Safety & Environment

Eire Gulf aims to provide the best customer service, whilst maintaining the strictest codes of safety practices for our own people, our clients, and the general public.

We firmly believe in the widespread motto that ‘Every task, no matter its significance, deserves the time and attention to be executed safely’. We take great care in instilling a safety culture in all our staff through internal training, safety review meetings, and constant alignment with improvements and new introductions to Local and International Safety Standards and Regulations. We are conscious of our responsibility as constructors to promote good work practices and mentalities towards environmentally friendly execution of our projects. As the region is making great strides towards improving sustainability, reducing waste, and reducing the environmental impact of the continuing growth of the region, Eire Gulf is committed to contributing to the success of this endeavor.


People Who Revel In Creative Collaboration

Meet our team of designers, engineers, managers and creative thinkers who are devoted to creating places that combine aesthetics with performance.


Build Something Remarkable

We are in this to create remarkable everyday experiences for our customers and their customers by reimagining the everyday function and beauty in every square inch available.


Understanding Context, Place and People

We seek out a detailed understanding of context, place and people to make the experience of creating exciting places as thoughtful, energizing, and engaging as the space itself.