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Focus Sectors

Led by an enterprising leadership, we operate as a single studio across different sectors. We have delivered a number of projects for the regions leading educational institutions and also design and build offices, workplaces, hotels and new homes. As interior space planning experts, we also work with local authorities, private developers, investors and institutions.

Corporate Offices Sector

Eire Gulf designs interior spaces for living working and playing. We work collaboratively and strategically to deliver spaces that enable people to achieve better creativity, higher productivity, and even increased footfall and…


Eire Gulf follows a philosophy of collaborative design. We help schools create student-centered spaces. With our space analytics and design expertise, we collaborate with our clients to design engaging, flexible, and…

Food & Beverage Sector

Eire Gulf is creating a new perspective in the F&B sector by incorporating a wide range of disciplines into smart and engaging architecture, brands, products, and settings.

Hospitality Sector

Hospitality’s design requirements have changed over the years. Smart designs are not only focused on aesthetics but also function, engineering, and enhanced guest experience. Spaces that achieve the objective of the business as…

Residential Sector

With a growing population of people across generations looking for residential spaces that provide live/work lifestyles, the sector is experiencing growth trends like never before. Eire Gulf designs and builds unique, innovative…

Retail & Showroom

Eire Gulf’s creative and collaborative approach, grounded in consumer behavior and brand understanding, enables us to deliver meaningful retail environments that provide seamless,…

Industrial Sector

Efficient, cost-effective, reliable, sustainable warehouses and other industrial spaces are the most in-demand in today’s competitive industrial business landscape. Eire Gulf responds to these demands with designs that call for open, agile, process-driven,…